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Step Families and getting along

The Importance of Validation

Gaining trust after an affair

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Disciplining children ... the nice way

Anna Martin is a child, adolescent and adult therapist who specialises in the discipline process and the parent/child relationship. She has developed two new methods called Awareness Discipline Method and the Reflective Discipline Method, which support the bond between parents and children.

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Smartphone harming your relationship?

More than a third of New Zealanders are concerned their partners are spending too much time on their smartphone. Thirty-nine percent of 2,200 New Zealanders surveyed by 2degrees believe the amount of time being spent on their smartphones is affecting the quality of their relationship. The survey also found more than half of New Zealanders choose their phone or computer if they have to deliver bad news. Relationship expert Dr Anna Martin discusses the issue with Susie Ferguson. She says if smartphone use is affecting your relationships, making technology-free rituals is a good idea.

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Dr Anna Martin: What’s the best method when disciplining naughty children?

Clinical therapist Anna Martin’s new book Listen to me! Taking the conflict out of child discipline aims to provide parents with strategies that put listening and the wellbeing of children before lecturing.


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Parenting expert wants kids to turn off Love Island

The show has come under fire for its early timeslot on national TV, given the sexual premise of the show.

Anna Martin told Mike Hosking that the issue comes with these shows focus on things such as sexual attractiveness.