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About the Book

Listen to Me!
Taking the conflict out of child discipline.

By Dr Anna Martin

Are you confused by all the different parenting advice on how to discipline your child?

Have you been trying a variety of different methods for years that don’t really work or feel uncomfortable to use – or are you just starting out on the parenting journey and want some sound information? Regardless of your situation, you could find it helpful to change the way you think about discipline altogether.

Using research and knowledge, Dr Anna Martin has turned traditional methods on their head to come up with effective strategies that put listening and the well-being of children before lecturing. Whether your child is 2 or 22, the clear step-by-step methods in Listen to Me! are all you need to minimise conflict in the family and encourage a secure relationship between you and your child.

When there is a roadmap with simple information, parents can feel less stressed and more able to be present with their children, even in the most stressful times. When you have a greater understanding and knowledge it can help you to make more sense of parenting experiences.

Here’s what other experts and parents are saying :

A new, inclusive, effective and evidence-based approach to parenting and discipline methods that really work, from trained specialist and clinical therapist Dr Anna Martin. When you are feeling stressed, exhausted and needing to make decisions, but unsure how to approach your parenting, this book takes the guessing out of the equation.

This book gives you simple and easy to understand information that will provide you with a foundation for your parenting based on the attachment process and assisting your children with a positive sense of self.

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